Reviewed by jeteli
on 21/07/2016 10:49

It's a merry mix of personalities but then each of them was unique! While the most colorful of the surprise discovery group  is the openly gay Ofer, the women ( Anat, Dana, Yael, Efrat amd Keren) were also individually empowered in their own unique way. Director Fox, whose earlier known for films of  other genres,  scores a heartwarming comedy with this one and the dialogues are equally engaging and hilarious. One of my faves was that scene where  Keren the blogger is seen typing in her computer while these words are heard : "The problem is, by trying to cover up the fear, we often cover up our wishes and worry about what others will say". What's with the title? Anat is a bakery owner who makes cupcakes and these sweet treats are living witness of the group's Universong journey, among others.  Worth watching with family and friends!