Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 29/06/2016 12:27

Absurd but still funny, this film doesn't seem to be truly engaging for me. There are scenes where I tend to lose attention, had it not been for Sakura Ando who plays the role of Momo, I wouldn't have pressed on. Ando has a natural flair for acting and in fact she won a Best Supporting Actress award for this film from the Yokohama Film Festival.  A scene in the earlier part, that of a woman plunging to her death from a tall building is reminiscent of a scene from another Kobayashi movie, "A Delicious Way to Kill". Kobayashi seems to have a penchant for blood and surreal comedy just like his penchant for Monty Python. And while this film is about a pin up girl who gets to become police chief for a day, I am baffled not much with the story but with the title. Do check this out, folks.