Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 20/09/2016 12:41

This crime noir movie from South Africa is promising and has impressive cinematography, with scenes shot in greys and muted colors.  Cape Town looks somber, dull and with overcast skies,  just perfect to set the mood for a crime film that's beset with intriguing yet colorful characters. The spotlight is on township cop Sizwe Miya, who tries his best to free himself from his once murky past.  His dedication to solving a case of abalone smuggling shakes up a great big cloud of corruption and criminality involving not only the expected suspects but from people of the police force itself. A classic unfolding of corruption at its best,  this movie features a whole cast of talented actors including Chinese star who was with The Expendables 2 movie,  Nan Yu,  as Soong Mei. Gritty and with engrossing!