Reviewed by Bartonelster
on 20/07/2016 21:41

While I can understand that this is more of a chick flick, that said I guess thats why I didnt think it was as good as I thought it would be. The characters are supposed to be kinda dumb but sometimes they were painfully dumb. Those are kinda the same kind of people I don't care for at school. I did like some jokes and Donald Faison as good comedic relief for a comedic movie. The story was funny the way that Cher felt that she was able to get everything better through her own innocent way. I kinda felt like it was kinda everywhere. At one point she was trying to get herself a boyfriend while trying to get her grades up and trying to help Tai. The problems got all fixed but it wasn't brought up till the end of the movie when they were kinda lost before. I liked it but didnt love it.