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Cemetery Man

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Cemetery Man

Dellamorte Dellamore
  • Italy
  • 1994
  • 105 minutes HD
  • Comedy
  • Horror

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Hip, offbeat and intensely erotic, 'Dellamorte Dellamore', otherwise known as 'Cemetery Man', is a totally unique cult horror romance.

Meet Francesco Dellamorte (Rupert Everett), gravedigger and guardian of the mythical Buffalora Cemetery where the dead just don’t stay dead. Seven days after burial, the fresh cadavers claw their way out of their coffins looking for flesh to eat, and it’s Francesco’s job to dispatch these ‘Returners’ before they escape into the local community.

But his quest to stop the dead from invading the world of the living falters when he falls in love with a beautiful and enigmatic widow visiting her husband’s crypt. For when he kills her by mistake, and is cursed to see her face for eternity, the difference between being alive and dead become chillingly confused in his shocked and romantically damaged brain.

From Michele Soavi, director of THE CHURCH and THE SECT, a surreal blend of George Romero gore, Dario Argento style and ‘Monty Python’ irreverence in the weirdest zombie movie ever made.