Reviewed by edwinjamescalin
on 14/03/2016 03:49

The grief when you lose a loved one  can really be overwhelming and for  a wife it can be doubly hard when she loses her better half.  Moving on is not an overnight thing  and what's worst, the people that will suffer most would be the children.  What I liked about this film was how the child handled the situation well and she well-understood the pain her mother is going through.  Laudable acting by mother and daughter.  Thank heavens for camping,  it was a way for the two of them to bond and to start to move on, and a way to get away from home where the reminders of  a loved one ( gardening things and  the countless flowers sent by condoling people)  is evident.  Realistically  depicted and  the message well-conveyed.  This is a must-watch!