Reviewed by jeteli
on 19/09/2016 16:33

It's always very powerful when one's past keeps up with you, especially if that past wasn't a really happy one and with so many issues unresolved.  Anna's trip back to her hometown and her stay in her old home seems to resurrect all the ghosts of her past. It also fuels tension between her and her fiancee Stefan when she refuses to speak up and elaborate. Naturally, Stefan would be left in the cold and this creates a gap that seems to widen by the minute.  Things become complicated when it becomes known that Bernd who's with them for the weekend along with his lover Marc is actually Anna's ex-flame. By the film's latter part it takes into a confusing turn, with viewers seeing two Annas and with scenes somehow going into replay.  Confusing but mystifying,  elements that one gets to see in usual suspense dramas with viewers not knowing what to conclude,  or unable to identify what scenes were real, what were just hallucinations or dreams, and so on and so forth.  There's this surreal scene of a foursome in bed, with hands creeping up everywhere but in the process, viewers are left bewildered and wondering if it indeed occured or all in the mind of Anna. Somehow that scene seems to have a positive impact on her attitude the next morning. The acting portrayals were impressive, especially that of Anne Griseback as Anna. It was a bit creepy at times but viewers will somehow understand that it's all about Anna's inner struggles and pent-up emotions.  Compelling and engrossing!