Reviewed by josephcalingasa
on 28/10/2016 12:03

Engrossing to watch!  What took my attention was the Mexican short "Un Mundo Para Rau"  which tells of a land owner's son and the  tenant's son Raul.  Long-time friends, the two spend  a day playing soccer, drinking beer and then swimming in the pool and there things went awry. The land owner's son begins to molest Raul by holding his dick and telling him to shed his underwear.  That particular scene clearly shows the superiority of the landowner's son and the loss of innocence and helplessness in the case of Raul.  Beautifully shot and with a compelling musical score,  this is by far my favorite in this collection although as a whole the entire collection of shorts are all unique and with a great story to tell.  Worth checking out!