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Boys On Film 2: In Too Deep

Ready to Watch Online in SD for only $3.99

Boys On Film 2: In Too Deep

  • UK
  • France
  • Australia
  • Sweden
  • USA
  • Mexico
  • Germany
  • 2009
  • 147 minutes SD
  • LGBT
  • Compilation

For only $3.99

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The Island (Canada, 6 min): A mix of narrative and animation as a film-maker imagines a 'homotopia' in response to homophobia - putting all homophiles together on an island.

Cowboy (Germany, 35 min): An urbanite estate agent in his 30s visits a decrepit farm in the countryside, hoping to purchase the land. He meets a quarrelsome yet buff, young farmhand, generating an escalating and tense eroticism.

Kali Ma (US, 16 min): A 'teenage' male of Indian origin is regularly bullied by the most popular guy at school. After he comes home crying following one particularly rough beating, his mother decides to visit the popular guy's home and exact her revenge.

Lucky Blue (Sweden, 28 min): 18-year-old Kevin is taken to a caravan site by his aunt for a summer vacation, where he meets Olle, a young handyman working at the park. Whereas Olle is quiet and painfully shy, Kevin seems brash and disdainful. A drunken midnight kiss, which Kevin denies in the morning, leaves Olle confused and hurt.

Love Bite (Australia, 2 mins): Two teenagers smoke pot after school; one of them is desperate to confess a hunger that he is no longer able to hide from his friend.

Bramadero (Mexico, 22 min):An abandoned construction site high above the bustle of Mexico City provides a location for two young men to perform a silent, prolonged mating ritual.

Weekend in the Countryside (France, 16 min): Two good friends, Marc and Pierre, take a trip to visit Marc's father at his sprawling countryside villa. Sunshine fades as Pierre rejects Marc's advances towards him - but will Marc face unexpected consequences?

Working it Out (Australia, 6 min): An apparently assimilated, monogamous homophile couple spend their 45 minute gym session arguing about a 'stranger' who smiled at one of them in the changing rooms.

Futures (and derivatives) (USA, 18 min): A bumbling US law firm has an important client due at 8am, so they hire a temp to work all night producing a presentation. The next morning: the client arrives, the presentation is set up - and things take a mystical turn.