Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 08/08/2016 15:38

A story of vigilantism, revenge and putting the law on one's own hands. Director Michael Morrissey scores a well-written story that follows a young man who can't get over the murder of his mother and things started getting messy.  Caleb Steinmeyer credibly portrayed the role of Sean: anti-social, book worm but with a hidden motive to eradicate bad guys especially those who violate women.  But up to what extent is his actions justified as right? This is one of the gnawing questions that the film tries to present to the viewers. Impressive performances by the supporting cast notably by Henao as Teresa Ames the lady police and Bill Sage as Terry Donovan, Sean's father. This film won Best Feature at the Sacramento Film and Music Award and at  Vail Film Festival. Do check this out!