Reviewed by josephcalingasa
on 26/10/2016 10:16

Hats off to director Sung Hyun Yoon for this impressive film about youth angst, the dark side of men and the importance of family and parents in guiding their teenage children. Having won Best Screenplay at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards is quite a feat considering that this is supposed to be a graduation project for the up and coming director.  Very admirable is the seamless and flawless way with which time element in the form of flashbacks were brilliantly interjected towards the entirety of the film to provide clarity and a deeper perspective for the viewers with regard to the characters.  Acting portrayals very impressive especially by Je-Hoon Lee who plays the role of Ki-tae, the son who took his life: very natural, spontaneous, expressive and he has an uncanny way of controlling his emotions. Cho Seung Ha as the father was also commendable in this movie; anguished, guilt-ridden and confused. This is worth checking out  especially if you fancy Korean drama flicks.