Reviewed by sharonmae
on 03/04/2016 12:29

It seems that there is a very serious message embedded in this animated film.  From what the title implies, I would like to presume that there's a metaphor attached to it. A scene where the husband catches 2 snakes biting each other's tail led me to the term Ouroboros, which represents the self destructive nature of earthly life. lt also represents the perfect cycle, something self-sustaining. From the relationship of the wife and husband  one can observe a sense of imbalance which only got worse with the stories told by the wife's sister, characterized in that certain scene as having a snake's tongue, indicating venomous words.  The wife's stomach pain may also symbolize something other than what it really is, an imbalance in the functions that results to unbalanced emotions, moods and judgement.  Engaging and with creative visuals!