Reviewed by sharonmae
on 20/04/2016 14:28

Interesting and revolutionary in its own way!  I'd say revolutionary because its director, E J-Yong sure knows how to make his films a class of its own,  a cut above the rest.  With the popularity of Skype and web conferencing these days, everyone seems to relate to this, in one way or another. But using the internet when directing a movie? Now, this idea sounds quite new and for people on the film industry, this is a topic that  will surely pique their interest.  Personally,  I'd say it's some sort of reality show drama unfolding before the viewers' eyes.  With E J-Yong  famous for  this quite uncoventional styles, ( his film "Actresses") featured the use of ad-lib among the actors) it won't come as a surprise that other future collaborations featuring the latest technological breakthroughs  is just nearby.  So,  was the film done by an absentee director a success? Well, better watch the film to find out!