Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 12/07/2016 16:16

A daughter's intention to make her mother happy but with disastrous results. This film tackles a daughter's love for her mother, who does an unexpected thing to inspire her; send an anonymous letter originally sent to her by an admirer. The deception and the consequences ultimately pile up and ultimately Emilie owes up to her mistake, even as it seems quite late for that. Bouajila as Jean, the unsuspecting victim-cum-Emilie's secret admirer delivers a glowing performance, very expressive, spontaneous and heartfelt. Baye as Maddy, Emilie's mother is so classy, funny and convincing even as she runs around barefoot and with dishevelled hair.  Of course, a happy ending is surely in place here, with Emilie getting a dose of her own medicine, but for her own good and happiness. This is a film that I really enjoyed watching and I enjoin you to watch this, too!