Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 08/08/2016 15:53

This film carries a very clear message on the issue of reproductive health, something that's the topic of great debate in the Philippines, even by modern standards. It aims to give a balance, the pros and the cons, with the insights and judgement mainly for the viewers to decide. Although, during the film's entirety, viewers will pick up hints and pieces along the way of dire consequences. While Ramos may be the central character, worthy credit is given to actors Mabesa, Blanco and Toengi for their commendable performances. This movie boasts of a powerhouse cast, by the way, with notable actors like Blanco and veteran film thespians Villavicencio and Mabesa.  Quirky film title which means town of jolly people, there's nothing to be jolly about though when you're tackling over population and surplus of children in your homefront!