Reviewed by jeteli
on 20/09/2016 16:24

There's a very sad story embedded in this movie but somehow the mood kinda lightens when photo montages and stop animation sequences are being featured.  There are many artsy styles in the movie and director Sara Blecher expertly mixes this with the over-all vibe and energy emanated by the character of Ayanda to make this film an engrossing one. The conflicts and revelations help build up viewers' interest and the film tackles issues of family relationships as well as the idea surrounding things with sentimental value to people.  For Ayanda's part, it was her father's garage and beloved red car. It's always painful holding on to memories and material things that remind you of a loved one but for Ayanda it was a sort of consolation and some sort of security blanket for her. Commendable performances and with a documentary style at times, this film is creatively unique and highly recommended for you to watch!