Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 20/09/2016 16:01

Visually appealing and quirky!  This movie about one determined young lady to save her late father's garage is awe-inspiring and she moves heaven and earth just to make things work. As scenes unfold, you can sense her gnawing sadness and longing for her father who died fatally. Fulu Moguvhani as Ayanda gives a very compelling performance and gives justice to the character;  determined, stubborn, independent but also internally bruised and missing her father a lot.  Acting portrayals of the rest of the cast were commendable enough and the sub-plots like Ayanda's romance with mechanic David add spice. Notable to mention would be the documentary-like style that the film aims to achieve, leaving little to guess if this is fiction or  bordering on real life events. The element made with which a camera man suddenly comes into a particular scene to interview people with whom Ayanda interacts with, is quite queer yet unique. This is a film worth checking out!