Reviewed by josephcalingasa
on 11/07/2016 12:46

This film is a daughter's homage to her parents, especially to her mother. Stephanie Argerich gives us touching details of their lives as a family and follows some important milestones of her mother's career as a renowned pianist. The first scene, that of the daughter about to give birth, with her mother nearby, gives us a glimpse of the bond they share. You can see the anticipation and a bit of nervousness in Martha's face as her daughter deals with labor pains.It's one of that rare moments when a mother worries so much for her child, to go through a pain that she's gone through while conceiving that daughter. Very poignant scenes of the Argerich household gives viewers a peek on their family life. All in all this film is  a daughter's loving tribute for her mother and an appreciation of her beauty, strength and immense talent as a pianist that inspires people from all over.