Reviewed by jeteli
on 22/07/2016 14:26

From the title and trailer alone, you'd know that it's a tribute for the teachers, especially the old and frail retired teachers who shaped the minds of youth from years past.  Perla Bautista as the ailing teacher who seems to have returned to childhood when it comes to her actions and attitudes is laudable and believable. One of the veteran actresses in local cinema,  she is known for playing support character roles over the years. In the Philippines,  teachers are given high regard for being good instruments in honing the youth but when they retire and become sickly some of them become disregarded by society and even relatives and some don't receive the benefits due to them.  This film aims to poke into the viewers'  awareness  through this unique yet possible scenario on a teacher's life during her twilight years.  Worth checking out.