Reviewed by sharonmae
on 27/10/2016 16:17

This is a special treat for the Halloween! If you want to be scared but laugh at the same time then this may be to your liking.  The so-called "Aswang" is a blood-sucking creature that's part of the local folklore although some would attest to its true existence. In this film, the often times referred to as a bad creature, Elisa, catches the eye of Victor, a human and they fall in love. This paves the way for Elisa to leave behind her blood-sucking days but she and her mother gets hunted by the leader of the aswangs  thus she has to fight back, with a little help from VIctor and his friends.  There are scary yet hilarious scenes in this movie, just enough for some Halloween entertainment to get by.  Do check this out!