Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 28/06/2016 15:44

This film has been touted as a deadpan comedy genre but viewers won't be expected to be laughing out loud. Listen closely to the dialogues though and  you're sure to be amused. Viewers will feel a love-hate feeling towards lead actor  Shibukawa who plays Takashi for all that he represents, a middle-aged jobless man who lives with his grandma. But one other thing that draws interest in this film are scenes showing protesters who are against nuclear power plants. All throughout the film this is seen or heard and viewers will understand for a moment what the writer of this film implies. Interestingly, it's written and directed by Hirobumi Watanabe, a writer/actor and producer. Acting performances  are commendable, and Ayasa Takahashi as Yuka the half-sister is fairly great in her role, so goes with Kaori Lida as Shohei, Takashi's friend.  You may want to check this out but don't blame me if you won't really like the ending!