Reviewed by apickard
on 21/08/2014 13:29

In Chinonye's first feature film, we enter the complicated world of Nigerian-born teenager Chuck growing up in the depths of Alaska. \r\n\r\nChuck is easily led by the 'cooler' Afro-Americans, desperate to fit in. His family relations are put under deep strains and it all culminates in a life-changing accident which marks the end of any normal family life for him.\r\n\r\nTwo years down the line,he is united with his sister and the road to recovering their relationship is a long but worthwhile one. \r\n\r\nThe two protagonists stay clear of becoming clichés and are rather nuanced, highly realistic characters, trying to deal with what life throws at them.\r\n\r\nThe universal themes are well developed and put across in a simple and heart-felt way. Alex Ubokudom and Chioma Dunkley, who play the leading siblings, are brilliant together on screen, recreating the complicated relations that families can have.\r\n\r\nA genuine and touching film,'alaskaLand' is an original take on the ever-popular coming-of-age genre. \r\n\r\n