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Adventures of Paradise: Tales from Okinawa

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Adventures of Paradise: Tales from Okinawa

  • Japan
  • 2019
  • 105 minutes
  • Compilation
  • Asian
  • Childrens
  • Family
  • Romance
  • Comedy

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Five authentic tales of people young and old, searching for a fresh adventure and new beginnings, all with one thing in common - they all take place on the exquisite island of Okinawa.

Treasure Hunt dir. Takako Miyahira

Lan, the new, quiet girl in class gives Mie and Hana an origami rabbit. In the rabbit’s folds hides a treasure map. Answering riddles one by one leads Mie and Hana to an adventure through Naha, a city shared by the old and the new, children and grownups. Between Lan’s lies and truths, the two find a great treasure hidden in the City.

Mother of the Groom dir. Tsukasa Kishimoto

After running away from home, Eiichi goes back to his hometown in Okinawa for the first time in about a decade to announce his marriage. His mother and grandmother don’t approve of his non-Okinawan wife, and give the couple some conditions to make her a suitable Okinawan woman.

The Chosen One dir. Gori

A heartwarming comedy of how an insecure young man’s destiny begins to change because of a message found in a bottle by the seaside.

The Path of Kumiodori dir. Atsuhi Sunagawa

By day Takeshi works in a museum, by night he is a performer of the Ryukyuan performing art "KUMIODORI". The balance between work and stage takes its toll on his relationship with his son, who wants to grow up to be just like Takeshi, that is until he unexpectedly meets incarnation of traditional Ryukyuan performing art "MARUMUN" who lives in the theater…

Indigo Love dir. Sachiko Judy Fukumoto

A young Taiwanese actress (Meiling), who is travelling alone for the first time encounters a series of bad luck while on vacation on Okinawa island. Things go from bad to worse when she arrives at a 'luxury hotel' that turns out to be little more than a shack, but is there something... or someone worth staying for?