Reviewed by edwinjamescalin
on 08/07/2016 06:34

Moving and emotional, this film celebrates women during their strongest and weakest hours. While the central idea may be about one woman's quest for passion and orgasm, so many other issues come to view, like lesbianism, a rocky marriage, incest, family relationships and death, among others. These human concerns are brought up in the film's entirety. Niven delivered a glowing performance of Rebecca's character, in fact she's perfect for the role, as if it was created with her persona in mind. Although, I'd presume Meryl Streep could also portray it with similar conviction. Clark as the escort Paris was also convincing although there were scenes where her reactions and expressions were quite lukewarm. Nevertheless, this film is impressive in various levels and will stir raw emotions and opinions from viewers not quite familiar with seeing some really intimate scenes.  Personally, I think this is a highly unconventional but a fitting portrayal by Ms. Niven, she bared her all, she was an epitome of class, uptightness but ultimately a vixen unleashed, who in all her genuineness did have her perfect ending.  Truly a must-watch!