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25 Carat

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25 Carat

  • Spain
  • 2008
  • 86 minutes
  • Thriller

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In Barcelona, Abel works as an unofficial debt collector who reminds people of the consequences of not paying their bills on time. He accidentally meets Kay, a petty car thief, who he helps out of a jam and the two find they have immediate chemistry. Kay is fed up with her home life. She shares an apartment with her father, Sebas, who has a gambling problem that attracts a dangerous dangerous element. He is also constantly hatching dodgy strategies in hopes of a big win but he schemes usually fall apart. However, this time he has figured out a way to unload three hundred thousand euros from a crooked police officer and Kay asks Abel to help out with her end of the deal. Wanting to leave behind the criminal world, Abel and Kay are determined come up with a plan to make things go their way. Of course, not everything goes as expected.