Reviewed by sharonmae
on 17/06/2016 08:29

Apinya Sakulijaroensuk lits up the screen in this film with her heartfelt portrayal as Pim, a woman who gets into a relationship with another woman, Pat, played by Thai-Belgian actress Isabella "Bua" Lete. Both are extremely pretty lesbians who decide to get married and yet the conflict lies with what is stipulated in the law, thus the number 1448 in the film's title. This is in reference to Thai Civil Law 1448 stating that only men and women above the age of 17 are allowed to be married. Robbed of the right for a legal union  has become one of the pressing issues for the LGBT community and this is similarly true in other countries. This more or less sums up the message in the film, it is a channel with which to voice out a pressing LGBT concern. Laudable acting performances  of the support cast, better check this out guys!