Image from: Black Christmas (2006)

filmdelights is an innovative world sales & distribution company for classical (theatrical, TV, Pay TV, DVD) and digital film distribution. With passion for differently and well-told stories, sensibility and humour, we believe in films that increase awareness in various ways. Customized cross-marketing and distribution strategies support our goal to exploit the optimal commercial potential of each individual film.rnAside from world wide distribution (filmdelights sales) and national distribution in Austria (filmdelights verleih) we offer consulting for filmmakers and producers in finding the optimal marketing and distribution strategy for their film.rnWe support them to reach their target audience and establish a fan community in a very early state of production, using all the possibilities of Social Media and Web X.0. to find a global audience.rnThe company was founded in Vienna in February 2010 by film professional Christa Auderlitzky.