Image from: All About the Feathers (2013)

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All About the Feathers
All About the Feathers
All About the Feathers
Costa Rica, 2013, 85 minutes, HD Comedy
All About Feathers (Por la Plumas) is about Chalo, a tall, thin, and lonely Costa Rican security guard who works nights on a vacant property and who spends his nights dreaming about cockfighting. To do this, he goes out to buy the rooster of his landlord. But his devotion to the bird makes it his best friend. There is a tricky kind of expressionless humor here. Tricky because it requires great timing to carry out plus the actors particularly Chalo, must deliver a believable performance. In the story, Chalo finds friends who would help him succeed in his cockfighting ventures, in his slum neighborhood and in the dirty security office to where he reports for his shift. New viewers will find the setting and execution to be technically below par and I must say that the style of the movie is run-of-the-mill but the whopping dialogues will keep the audience glued to their seats. It is funny yet sincerely poignant.
Not for me
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