Image from: Why Does God Hate Me? (2011)

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Why Does God Hate Me?
Why Does God Hate Me?
Why Does God Hate Me?
Canada, 2011, 17 minutes LGBT
5 stars for this one. I highly recommend this film. The execution and presentation of every scene is great (vibrant and convincing for the theme). The approach towards the story is perfect as well. It's not the typical sad-inspirational, but it has many key points - and great lines - that comes with it. "I can't imagine God created me to hate me" is one, and "I'm thinking, I'm not the one that needs curing" (when Esther told him he's not cured yet). You have to watch the film to understnd my point more.  I won't be giving spoilers. Although the film showed a bit of the reality of how religions sometimes blind people into true acceptance (sometimes thru misinterpretation), I also love the writers idea of placing a character like Esther i the film, to give a positive note towards the goodness of the people who care for their friends,  within the boundaies of her beliefs and despite the ir differences as well. The film had a funny start , maintained the tone throughout the scenes, and gad a very nice ending. And yes, the soundtrack/musical score deserves a special mention.  
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