Image from: Dol (First Birthday) (2011)

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Reviewed by keeprollin PH / Joined keeprollin 2016
Dol (First Birthday)
Dol (First Birthday)
Dol (First Birthday)
USA, 2011, 11 minutes LGBT
The movie is great, specially for the type that loves such films that carries culture and tradition along with its story.  I myself enjoyed it because I never really knew much about the culture/tradition of Koreans when it comes to first birthdays - where families lay out representations (money, ball, rice, etc.) and see what the baby chooses as his path towards life. For me, personally, I find it interesting and pretty ironic - specially the part where Nick comes home and was asked by Bryan what Baby Benjamin chose , and he said; "It doesn't matter", and was asked backed "Isn't it the whole point?". I love the fact that the film showed reality in  a very realistic way - with simple scenes.  As far as the core of the story goes, I believe it is pretty much relateable, and more so now because we are in the time of age where we still have the generation in our family that are still very traditional and conservative, while the younger generations seems to pave way and evolve towards more acceptable ones (see 3:21-3:25 mark).  It's never easy being in a traditional family while living in a modern perspective of life where gender preferenes when it comes to love is not much of an issue.Why 3 stars? I love the film, it pretty much covered the whole message of the writer (presumeably), but I would have preferred the sofa scene (where Nick leans to Bryan) to be the ending scene. It just had te touch of  drama that brings the perfect mixture of joy and sadness. And, I would've love it if a little explanation about the representations were discussed, thouhg it's pretty self explanatory though. Great short. 
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