Image from: This Is Normal (2013)

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Reviewed by Chorley BG / Joined Chorley 2014
This Is Normal
This Is Normal
This Is Normal
USA, 2013, 20 minutes Drama
This film should be commended for taking an imaginative approach to telling a story not many films attempt let alone get right. I had a slight problem with the character of Gwen having perfect speech. This is something a lot of films about deaf people don't get right. Losing your hearing will result in fractured speech, but this is nearly always anaesthetized (usually as a result of casting a hearing person in a deaf role), or in the case of 'The Tribe', extinguished entirely. Stigma against non-hearing people comes about because their voices don't sound 'right' to those that can hear, so it is vital that we hear their varied, beautiful voices as they really are, to educate people that not everyone sounds the same. Having said this, I applaud this film for its sensitivity, performances and nuanced storytelling.
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