Image from: 20 Feet from Stardom (2013)

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20 Feet from Stardom
20 Feet from Stardom
20 Feet from Stardom
USA, 2013, 89 minutes, SD Music, Documentary
A fantastic documentary that shares the inspiring stories of several extremely talented, deeply undervalued singers, who simply wished to make their work lives something that they enjoyed personally, rather than to develop a persona and break into the world of fame, for their biggest passion is simply, to sing, even if they only ever provide backing vocals to the stars. Along the way we meet lovable, talented singers such as Darlene Love and Lisa Fischer, whose spirit captivates and inspires the viewer as they share their golden career moments, as well as the downsides to what they have achieved. We also experience moments of heartbreak, as Merry Clayton shares her infamous experience of recording Gimme Shelter with The Rolling Stones, which tragically led to her miscarriage due to the vocal exertion and passion that she put into the late night recording. Highly recommended for anyone who shares the passion of singing, or for anyone who has always wished they were blessed with impressive pipes; you'll be forlorn with envy by the end of watching I'm sure, but no doubt will you be left awe inspired by these incredibly talented people, most of whom you may never have heard of by name, but whose backing vocals you may have heard several times without a clue. 
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