Image from: Chemsex (2015)

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Reviewed by snakeeyes GB / Joined snakeeyes 2014
UK, 2015, 83 minutes, HD LGBT, Documentary
This reminded me a lot of Andrew Haigh's little known debut feature GREEK PETE. Although it is never explicitly shown or dwelled upon, it is fairly obvious that it had a role in the film, but what really makes the comparison for me is the frankness, honesty and human portrayal of something that could so easily have been demonized had it been in the hands of filmmakers with a preconceived notion. I'll admit it went to places I didn't think it would and felt very uncomfortable, but this was necessary. Even though I have been in clubs where this happens on the fringes, you never really realize it is going on, happy to be swallowed up by the alcohol and the music, oblivious. A welcome eye-opener, and big kudos and respect to the staff and support clinics.
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