Image from: Mommy (2014)

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Reviewed by amyfaulkner GB / Joined amyfaulkner 2015
Canada, 2014, 140 minutes Drama
Artsy Xavier Dolan's new feature length is bone rattling. It follows the story of young, hyperactive and violent Steve, sufferer of ADHD who returns to live with his mother, vibrant and slightly off the wall character no less- booted and garmed up in tiny skirts and strappy tops . The film tracks the difficulties they encounter together which at times plummet into terrifying moments of brutality. At the same time the film unravels their personalities which are so developed and resonant in the film that it is impossible to come away not loving them both intensely. The film is layered with another heart breaking story, that of their neighbour Kyla (Suzanne Clément), former teacher who is sufferer of a speaking impediment. She becomes a valuable friend to both and dedicated teacher to Steve. At times it feels as if the film could lapse into that somewhat typical miracle, (a smidge implausible) rescue of seeming lost cause terror child, who discovers he can perform great things if he tries. Yet the film achieves so so much more. It is spattered with majestic cinematography and unprecedented disappointment and change, flash forwards and firey performance from the excellent cast. No doubt, you'll fall in love with that rich, strong Canadian accent and that expertly selected soundtrack.
Not for me
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