Image from: The Class (2008)

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The Class
The Class
The Class
France, 2008, 128 minutes Drama
The Class is a beautifully composed film, part real part fictional. In this world, suspended in a limbo between the real and the fabricated, we are able to see the daily interactions and activities of a French class in the Parisian banlieues. Greatly deserving of it's 2008 Palmes d'Or at Cannes Film Festival, the film is complete with a whole range of subtle emotional and witty nuances which can only really be appreciated on second viewing. Although framed with a tense storyline, the unscripted classroom scenes which add nothing to the underlying plot line are those which really shine through which capture the beauty of human habit and interaction. It is here in this small, busy microcosm we witness the whole gamut of challenges posed by the multicultural mix of second generation immigrants.
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