Image from: The Killer (1989)

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The Killer
The Killer
The Killer
Hong Kong, 1989, 111 minutes Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller, Noir
During a restaurant shoot-out, hitman Jeff accidentally hurts the eyes of a singer. Later, he meets the girl and discovers that if she does not have a very expensive operation very soon, she will go blind. To get the money for the surgery, Jeff decides to perform one last hit. The cop who has been chasing Jeff for a long time, is determined to catch him (in quite a suggestive homoerotic subplot). The first time I saw this movie it was on video and my jaw hit the floor. This is a blisteringly good movie. There is some cheesy dialog, probably down to the subtitling/translation, but that doesn't take away from the visuals. "The Killer" is one of those movies that delivers entertainment from beginning to end. This is a must-see movie.
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