Image from: The Boy Next Door (2015)

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Reviewed by blacksnakemoan FR / Joined blacksnakemoan -0001
"Missed opportunity"
The Boy Next Door
The Boy Next Door
The Boy Next Door
USA, 2015, 91 minutes Thriller
Despite having something of a guilty pleasure in watching Jennifer Lopez movies, this one actually went out of its way to disappoint. First of all, the plot is utterly ridiculous, as is the embarrassing dialogue. Now J-Lo is no amazing actress, but give the lady some good lines for chrissakes and she can make a good fist of a script. Or at least give her something knowingly silly. This movie takes itself far too seriously. Kristin Chenoweth hams it to the hilt and comes out rather nicely from this, as does Ryan Guzman, but no, not poor J-Lo, who, like everyone else involved in the film, takes it's silliness far too seriously. It also shoulda coulda woulda been a lot raunchier and memorable had everyone been a bit more self-aware.
Not for me
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