Image from: Before the Fall (2017)

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Reviewed by jakedunn NC / Joined jakedunn 2016
"Breathtaking Scenery And A Unique Re-telling of A Classic Story"
Before the Fall
Before the Fall
Before the Fall
USA, 2017, 100 minutes, HD Romance, LGBT
What caught my attention for the most part of the film was the sweeping and impressive shots, the cinematography was admirable and the accompanying musical scoring is noticeably endearing. This film which is a re-imagining of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice has a great cast with the two central characters  a sharp contrast of each other  but with an undeniable chemistry. Towards the end of the film there are questions that kept nagging at me,  but I guess it's where the beauty and mystique of a certain film is measured, by how one is left in awe by its uniqueness. An LGBT film that should be part of your movies-to-watch list! 
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