Image from: Land of Oblivion (2011)

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Reviewed by jadee PH / Joined jadee 2016
"Gripping And Heartbreaking Film About the Chernobyl Disaster"
Land of Oblivion
Land of Oblivion
Land of Oblivion
Ukraine, 2011, 108 minutes Drama, Arthouse, Disaster
Heartbreaking and haunting!  This movie takes viewers back to the Chernobyl disaster in 1986 and the impact and effects it created to the countless lives affected by it.  The adverse effects it made to the environment,  the animal population and more so to the people was irreversible and led to displaced families and loss of hope. Although many people were evacuated to safety and sent to other places, there are those who remained or came back to Pripyat often, like Anya one of the central characters in this film. Played by French actress Olga Kurylenko,  the story of Anya was one that's given focus in the film.  Kurylenko was very outstanding in her character of Anya and the rest of the cast also gave immense support.  Watching disaster films like this never fail to send chills down my spine, do check this out! 
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