Image from: The Word (2014)

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"Lila is not your ordinary teenager!"
The Word
The Word
The Word
Poland, 2014, 97 minutes Drama, Coming of Age, Arthouse
Teeners should watch this eye-opening movie about a teenager who hatches the perfect plan to eliminate a distraction in her relationship with a guy. This is not the usual coming of age film that one may expect as there is a chilling quality in it and it's a wonder what someone can think and do to manipulate another person.  However, I can't help but feel a little frustrated towards the film's ending as it seems there was no evident resolution to the conflicts and thus it is left to the viewers to connect the dots, so to speak.  Acting performances fairly outstanding with Rycembel delivering a solid portrayal of the character of Lila.  I'd recommend this film to anyone!
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