Image from: Boys On Film 15: Time & Tied (2016)

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Reviewed by clairenievas PY / Joined clairenievas 2016
"This Boys on Film Collection is Unique!"
Boys On Film 15: Time & Tied
Boys On Film 15: Time & Tied
Boys On Film 15: Time & Tied
UK, 2016, 134 minutes, SD Compilation, LGBT
Just like the other earlier collections of Boys on Film, this one didn't disappoint and has very strong performances from actors.  The issues tackled aside from the usual gay topics also touches on very raw human emotions and yes, there's a fairytale cum horror film in this collection that's interesting to watch.  There is one film though that piqued my interest, "Putting on the Dish".  I was lost and confused while viewing it as  I can't seem to understand the conversation albeit the language that the characters used. It was only upon reading the synopsis that I started to understand and had to consult Mr. Google what polari is all about. Turns out it's a secret gay slang language which was so popular in the 1960s, so it says via the internet sources. Truth to tell, I looked up some common polari terms and I learned that the dish word on the title meant an attractive male as well as buttocks. Unique, eh?  Go and see this movie folks and discover for yourself!
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