Image from: The Sunfish (2014)

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Reviewed by jadee PH / Joined jadee 2016
"Interesting character study of a man down on his luck!"
The Sunfish
The Sunfish
The Sunfish
Denmark, 2014, 100 minutes Drama, Comedy
I liked the chemistry between Kesse and the lady biologist but there are interesting characters that also caught my attention such as the friend of Kesse who went on vacation to Thailand and Pia, the owner of the Grill House that Kesse frequently goes to. The story was easy to follow and viewers get to see the routines of fishermen but also we get a glimpse of some illegal activities that they succumb when heavily in debt.  One thing that put me into deep thought was the title. Yes, it was instrumental in helping Keese decide his fate but I'd like to think it's more than that.  I'd like to think the sunfish itself echoes the character of Kesse, sort of stoic and rough on the surface but generally harmless and gentle when you get to know him.  Interesting film,  do check it out!
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