Image from: Boiling Point (1990)

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Reviewed by DavidCPountain GB / Joined DavidCPountain 2017
"A Bleakly Comic Yet Tenderly Human Nihilistic Odyssey"
Boiling Point
Boiling Point
Boiling Point
Japan, 1990, 96 minutes Action, Comedy, Crime, Asian
Takeshi Kitano delves into a world of cold pessimism and oppressive meaninglessness. Opening with a quiet defeat for junior batter Masaki, Boiling Point starts off poignantly capturing the daily embarrassments, failures and general awkwardness that adolescents and young adults suffer in the face of more experienced, authoritative elders. Once Kitano himself enters the fray in one of his most unpleasant, perilously unpredictable roles, the film evolves into an even more bleakly comic, nihilistic odyssey featuring what is surely one of the most disturbingly underplayed rape scenes ever captured on camera. Yet, as dour as it all gets, Boiling Point ranks among the actor-director's more tenderly human works.
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