Image from: Ekaj (2015)

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Reviewed by Jmarcantoni US / Joined Jmarcantoni 2017
"A reality most would prefer to ignore"
USA, 2015, 80 minutes Drama, LGBT, Coming of Age, US Indie
A naturalistic meditation on loneliness, trauma, and the importance of human connection. Cati gets beautiful performances from her cast that feel so lived in at times the film seems like a documentary. Ekaj is a sort of ghost, carrying the wounds of his past as he searches the New York streets for money and food and companionship, which he finds in his friendship with Mecca, played by the magnetic Badd Idea. Mecca steals the film and the closing scenes lac some of the fire that carries the film when Mecca is around. But it is also appropriate, we feel the depth of Ekaj's loneliness as well as a shimmer of hope. The bond between the characters reminded me of Midnight Cowboy, and the way the streets of New York are portrayed reminded me of my own wandering youth in another city that alienates you amongst the masses, Atlanta. Ekaj is a film that grows in stature the more you think about it. A subtly powerful film that seeps into your bones.
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