Image from: Let's Fall In Love (2008)

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Reviewed by hanna UA / Joined hanna 2016
Let's Fall In Love
Let's Fall In Love
Let's Fall In Love
Taiwan, 2008, 90 minutes, SD Asian, Documentary, Romance
This got my attention for the traditional and meticulous way with which matchmaking is made.  In an age where online dating and with sites like Tinder and online matchmaking sites all in a flurry to get the people's attention, this documentary  makes a very powerful statement.  What makes the matchmaking process in this documentary so unique was the personal connection between matchmaker and the people seeking for a match that will ultimately lead to marriage. Chen Hailun the smart matchmaker takes her time and doesn't go in haste, she makes sure both parties are willing to communicate before she can conclude with finality that  the would-be couple will be okay.  Watching this documentary has been very engrossing for me and something where viewers can get many realizations as well, based on the various interviews made of the couples. 
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