Image from: Talea (2013)

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Reviewed by santosjoyce SG / Joined santosjoyce 2016
Austria, 2013, 75 minutes Drama, Coming of Age
This film candidly explores a teener's angst, disconnection and restlessness. Stockinger realistically portrays the character of Jasmin who feels an outcast and wanting to know more about herself by spending some time with her mother.  The process was not easy as can be expected and viewers can see the detachment on the side of the mother even as Jasmin tries her best to close in on the gap between them. Nina Proll as the distant yet guilt-ridden mother Eva is a good fit for the role and while she has some moments of realization there isn't really obvious effort on her part to reconnect with her daughter. An impending romance between the mother and owner of the inn makes things worse for Jasmin and viewers can positively feel the jealousy and the moments of self-pity on her part.  I'd have to say Stockinger is a force to reckon in this film for showing a myriad of emotions and giving justice to the complexities of her thoughts and feelings. Kids with unconventional family arrangements are sure  to relate to this type of movie.  
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