Image from: Magic Magic (2013)

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Reviewed by snakeeyes GB / Joined snakeeyes 2014
Magic Magic
Magic Magic
Magic Magic
Chile, USA, USA, 2013, 97 minutes Thriller, Supernatural
What a beautiful, beguiling, incredible and f*cking creepy film this is. I didn't prioritize watching it because it starred Michael Cera and premiered at Sundance, so I expected it to be something entirely different and predictable. Boy was I wrong. This is a film that is extremely cunning and will play with your head and sensitivities for a solid hour and a half, if you stick with it. It refuses to give answers but allows you to draw your own conclusions and indeed, storyline. Juno Temple is excellent here, and the sound design deserves a solid nod, too. A descent into a previously unexplored anxiety, Ayahuasca on jet-lag, an experiement gone wrong? Take a trip down the rabbit hole...
Not for me
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