Image from: All Roads Lead to Rome (2016)

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Reviewed by snakeeyes GB / Joined snakeeyes 2014
All Roads Lead to Rome
All Roads Lead to Rome
All Roads Lead to Rome
Italy, USA, 2016, 90 minutes Comedy, Romance, Road Movie
Absolutely nothing about this road trip tale about a mother and daughter connecting with a hunky potter and quacky granny along the roads that join Pisa and Rome is of any real substance or originality, but who cares? Certainly not the writer, who has Sarah Jessica Parker playing a writer (wow), nor the director, who manages the mean feat of making the Italian countryside look drab. Having the actors dress for summer when clearly this was shot in winter doesn't help either. Never mind, the cast seem to be having fun here and it all whisks along at a mildly diverting pace. Paz Vega is dropped into proceedings as a seeming cameo of Carmen San Diego and Rosie Day's lesbian coming of age sub-plot is a nice touch, probably the only thing modern about this very workaday, seen-it-a-million-times-before movie. Sunday matinee stuff.
Not for me
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