Image from: See You Tomorrow, Everyone (2012)

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Reviewed by jeteli PH / Joined jeteli 2016
See You Tomorrow, Everyone
See You Tomorrow, Everyone
See You Tomorrow, Everyone
Japan, 2012, 120 minutes, SD Comedy, Asian
Gaku Hamada is really a gem of an actor for his poignant and compelling portrayal of Satoru Watarai,  a man during the '80s who refuse to leave or even work outside of the apartment complex where he lives.  There are very  hilarious scenes and some of them include that scene where a friend pours out his inner emotions while Satoru was all the while transfixed by the martial arts champion shown on TV; and that scene where he relentlessly practices martial arts with disastrous results.  The character of Satoru is lovable and relatable and the twists along the entirety of the film, including the reason to Satoru's phobia of leaving the apartment complex, are surprisingly realistic enough.  I've seen Hamada in films like Sake Bomb and it's so nice to see someone act naturally and in a child-like manner. A  simple, conflicted yet truly lovable character who, in one way or another, has made a difference to all the occupants in their complex.  Worth checking out! 
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