Image from: See You Tomorrow, Everyone (2012)

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See You Tomorrow, Everyone
See You Tomorrow, Everyone
See You Tomorrow, Everyone
Japan, 2012, 120 minutes, SD Comedy, Asian
Heartwarming, quirky and hilarious! A simple yet genuinely told movie by renowned director Yashihiro Nakamura that follows the life of Satoru Watarai, a young man who vows never to leave his apartment compound.  Very well-developed script, detailed and the scenes are well-placed and I didn't feel bored as the pacing was steady and consistent.  Gaku Hamada as Satoru was so on-point, a natural when it comes to painting a portrait of a young man who's conflicted and fighting with his own inner struggles, so content of his life in the apartment complex that he also acts as security guard/ night patrol and a sort of caretaker who checks on the attendance by  end of the day.  The ideas are fresh and wholesome, so specifically carried out that viewers will readily appreciate the movie and instantly develop a liking for Satoru.  Impressive performances with the production design up to the clothes worn very reminiscent of the '80s era.  Great viewing companion on a weekend night with friends and family, over popcorn and iced tea! 
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